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People's Lives

Helping those who need 
it most...
DFYC’s impact reaches far and wide across the community

We have always existed to support under-served, socially excluded and economically disadvantaged young people by offering them opportunities to develop and grow.

Today, the club is guided by our key principles to ensure we continue to deliver the impact we always have done.

Success Stories

When Susan first arrived at the Club it was evident that they had problems relating to the other young people around them and they had trouble integrating. Our team began to work with them and help them overcome some of the issues they were experiencing, including helping them build relationships with the other young people. Over the past 6 months, we have begun introducing new responsibilities to this young person, including shadowing staff on reception as well as in other areas of the building. This has seen a great change in their behaviour, becoming more focused and engaged within youth club sessions, and growing into an excellent role model to our younger members.
Peter spoke to one of our youth workers about some personal issues that he was facing such as finding housing and finding work to gain his independence. Staff supported him to make better life choices and he started to get in touch with the right services to help his situation. He found accommodation and work and continued to attend the youth club as a social outlet between work and home.. He was a regular at the club and became a volunteer helping in the gym sessions. Peter has just acquired a job as a teaching assistant as he feels he can give other young people the support he never received had he not attended the youth club.
Get Involved

Downside is always looking for volunteers. Whether you are a parent/guardian with time on your hands while the children are at school, or you are one of those lucky staff whose company pays for you to lend your expertise to organisations like Downside; we need you all.